Solutions and Consultancy

PayTech has put together a very professional team and remarkable experience in the payment industry to provide best fitting solution and consultancy to help its customers in any business case.

As a specialized company in the payment industry, PayTech has covered both financial and non-financial requirements to meet with market trends in many industries. Our Applications can cover most of the business requirements as follows:

• POS & ATM Payment solutions for Banks.
• ICC Cards & EMV.
• M-Commerce solutions.
• Mobile e-Vouchers & Top Up.
• Bill Payment.
• Loyalty.
• Petrol (Pay At Pump).
• e-ticketing.
• e-Stamps.
• Integrated POS solutions (ECR).
• Pre-Paid Cards.
• Contactless.
• Terminals Management System (TMS)

PayTech is partnering with many organizations to provide best quality software application and compliances with latest payment standards, VISA & MasterCard, EMV, and security standards (PCI) presenting a full secured and efficient device to serve the market.

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